North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 29-29

Search Warrants

Section Section Name
29-29-01 Search warrant defined
29-29-02 Grounds for issuance of search warrant
29-29-03 Issued only upon probable cause
29-29-04 Sworn complaint must be made ‑ Depositions of witnesses
29-29-05 Requisites of search warrant
29-29-06 Form of search warrant
29-29-07 By whom search warrant served
29-29-08 Execution of warrant ‑ Use of force
29-29-09 Liberating self or assistant ‑ Use of force
29-29-10 Search warrant to be served in daytime ‑ Exception
29-29-11 Search warrant void if not executed in ten days
29-29-12 Return of warrant
29-29-13 Copy of inventory ‑ To whom delivered
29-29-14 Complaint controverted ‑ Testimony in writing ‑ Authentication
29-29-15 When property taken under search warrant to be restored
29-29-16 Papers relating to search warrant to be returned to district court
29-29-17 Disposal of property taken on a warrant
29-29-18 Causing issuance of search warrant on false information ‑ Penalty
29-29-19 Officer exceeding authority guilty of misdemeanor
29-29-20 Search of accused for dangerous weapons ‑ Circumstances permitting
29-29-21 Temporary questioning of persons in public places ‑ Search for weapons
29-29-22 Release of information contained in complaint or warrant