North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 30.1-32.1

Uniform Real Property Transfer on Death Act

Section Section Name
30.1-32.1-01 Definitions
30.1-32.1-02 Transfer on death deed authorized
30.1-32.1-03 Transfer on death deed revocable
30.1-32.1-04 Transfer on death deed nontestamentary
30.1-32.1-05 Capacity of transferor
30.1-32.1-06 Requirements
30.1-32.1-07 Notice, delivery, acceptance, and consideration not required
30.1-32.1-08 Revocation by instrument authorized - Revocation by act not permitted
30.1-32.1-09 Effect of transfer on death deed during transferor's life
30.1-32.1-10 Effect of transfer on death deed at transferor's death
30.1-32.1-11 Disclaimer
30.1-32.1-12 Liability for creditor claims and statutory allowances
30.1-32.1-13 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
30.1-32.1-14 Application