North Dakota Century Code

Title 30

Judicial Procedure, Probate

Chapter Section Listing Chapter Name
30-01 NA General Provisions [Repealed]
30-02 NA Pleadings and Process [Repealed]
30-03 NA Hearings and Rehearings [Repealed]
30-04 NA Decrees and Orders [Repealed]
30-05 NA Probate of Wills [Repealed]
30-06 NA Objections to Probate and Contests of Wills [Repealed]
30-07 NA Proceedings in Estates of Testates After Probate of Will [Repealed]
30-08 NA Administration of Estates and Intestates [Repealed]
30-09 NA Special Administration [Repealed]
30-10 NA Guardianship [Repealed]
30-11 NA Qualification of Executors, Administrators, and Guardians [Repealed]
30-12 NA Removal and Discharge of Executors, Administrators, and Guardians [Repealed]
30-13 NA Powers, Duties, and Liabilities of Executors and Admistrators [Repealed]
30-14 NA Powers, Duties, and Liabilities of Guardians [Repealed]
30-15 NA Inventory and Appraisement [Repealed]
30-16 30-16 Sections Homestead Exemption and Allowance
30-17 NA Summary Administration of Small Estates [Repealed]
30-18 NA Claims and Payment of Debts [Repealed]
30-19 NA Sale and Mortgaging of Property [Repealed]
30-20 NA Accounting and Settlement [Repealed]
30-21 NA Distribution and Partition [Repealed]
30-21.1 NA Uniform Estate Tax Apportionment Act [Repealed]
30-22 NA Establishment of Heirship [Repealed]
30-23 NA Veterans' Guardianship [Repealed]
30-24 NA Actions by and Against Executors and Administrators [Repealed]
30-25 NA Escheats [Repealed]
30-26 NA Appeals [Repealed]