North Dakota Century Code

Title 33

County Justice Court

Chapter Section Listing Chapter Name
33-01 NA Jurisdiction, Powers, and Duties of County Justice Courts [Repealed]
33-02 NA Commencing Civil Actions in County Justice Court [Repealed]
33-03 NA Appearance, Postponement, and Change of Venue or Judge [Repealed]
33-04 NA Pleadings and Issues in County Justice Court [Repealed]
33-05 NA Provisional Remedies in County Justice Court [Repealed]
33-06 NA Eviction [Repealed]
33-07 NA Trial of Civil Actions [Repealed]
33-08 NA Judgment and Costs [Repealed]
33-09 NA Execution on Judgments in County Justice Courts [Repealed]
33-10 NA Contempts in County Justice Courts [Repealed]
33-11 NA Appeals in Civil Actions [Repealed]
33-12 NA Procedure in Criminal Actions [Repealed]