North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 34-01

General Provisions

Section Section Name
34-01-01 Contract of employment defined
34-01-02 Personal service contract ‑ Time limit ‑ Continuation of employment
34-01-03 Voluntary service without employment ‑ Duties of person rendering ‑ Rights to compensation and expenses
34-01-04 Intimidation, force, and threats against employees prohibited ‑ Penalty
34-01-05 Intimidation, force, and threats against employers prohibited ‑ Penalty
34-01-06 Hindering person from obtaining or enjoying employment ‑ Penalty
34-01-07 Black list prohibited ‑ Punishment
34-01-08 Limitation on hours of labor of employees of city over five thousand population ‑ Exceptions
34-01-09 Violation of hours of employment for city employees ‑ Penalty
34-01-09.1 Maximum hours of labor
34-01-09.2 Penalty
34-01-09.3 Qualifications to hold office in labor union or labor organization
34-01-10 Fraud by employee in securing transportation or advancement ‑ Misdemeanor
34-01-11 Definition
34-01-12 Employer to pay surviving spouse or heirs wages due
34-01-13 Actions under Fair Labor Standards Act must be brought within certain time
34-01-14 Right to work not to be abridged by membership or nonmembership in labor union
34-01-14.1 Collection of actual representation expenses from nonunion employees
34-01-15 Employer to pay for medical examination ‑ Penalty for violation
34-01-15.1 Paid family leave - Political subdivision prohibition
34-01-16 Qualifications to hold office in labor union or labor organization
34-01-17 Unlawful to discriminate because of age ‑ Penalty
34-01-18 Discrimination against women jockeys prohibited ‑ Penalty for violation
34-01-19 Employment discrimination ‑ Declaration of policy ‑ Limitation of actions ‑ Court jurisdiction
34-01-20 Employer retaliation prohibited ‑ Civil action for relief ‑ Penalty