North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 34-02

Obligations of Employer and Employee

Section Section Name
34-02-01 Employer must indemnify employee for losses and expenses ‑ Exception
34-02-02 Nonliability of employer for ordinary risks ‑ Negligence of coemployees ‑ Exception
34-02-03 Liability for employer's negligence
34-02-04 Gratuitous employee ‑ Performance and care required
34-02-05 Gratuitous employee under power of attorney
34-02-06 Employee for reward ‑ Ordinary care and diligence required
34-02-07 Employee for own benefit ‑ Great care and diligence required
34-02-08 Employee shall obey instructions of employer ‑ Exceptions
34-02-09 Employee to perform service in conformity with usage of place ‑ Exception
34-02-10 Skill required by employee
34-02-11 Products of employment belong to employer ‑ Exception
34-02-12 Employee shall account to employer ‑ Demand required ‑ Exception
34-02-13 Deliveries to employer ‑ Demand required ‑ Restriction
34-02-14 Employee to give preference to employer's business
34-02-15 Substitute employee selected by employee ‑ Liability and responsibility
34-02-16 Liability of employee for culpable negligence ‑ Liability of employer for services
34-02-17 Surviving employee to perform service ‑ Exception
34-02-18 Immunity for providing employment reference