North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 34-03

Termination of Employment

Section Section Name
34-03-01 Termination of employment at will ‑ Notice required
34-03-02 How employment terminated
34-03-03 Termination of employment not coupled with an interest
34-03-04 Continuance of employment required after death or incapacity of employer ‑ Exceptions
34-03-05 Termination by employer for breach or neglect of duty or incapacity to perform
34-03-06 Employee may terminate employment because of breach of obligations by employer
34-03-07 Compensation of employee after discharge for cause
34-03-08 Employee quitting for cause ‑ Compensation
34-03-09 Compensation of employees upon termination of employment
34-03-10 COVID‑19 vaccination requirements - Exemptions