North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 34-06

Minimum Wages and Hours

Section Section Name
34-06-01 Definitions
34-06-02 Power to investigate conditions of labor and wages and hours of employees
34-06-03 Commissioner may adopt standards by rule
34-06-03.1 Exemption for companionship services and family home care
34-06-03.2 Authority of labor commissioner ‑ Exception
34-06-04 Power to make rules ‑ Posting by employers
34-06-04.1 Compensatory time, overtime, and work‑period claims
34-06-05 Employment of employees under certain conditions illegal
34-06-05.1 One day of rest in seven ‑ Penalty
34-06-06 Hours of labor for females limited ‑ Exceptions
34-06-07 Employer to keep register of employees employed ‑ Inspection and examination of register
34-06-08 Investigations and hearings by commissioner ‑ Subpoena, oath, and fees of witnesses
34-06-09 Conference to consider investigation by commissioner ‑ Members, quorum, report
34-06-10 Recommendations contained in report of conference
34-06-11 Consideration of report by commissioner ‑ Hearing upon approval
34-06-12 Order issued by commissioner ‑ Posting
34-06-13 Investigation of employment of minors ‑ Recommendations and requirements governing
34-06-14 Right of appeal from commissioner's decision limited
34-06-15 Special license to employ at less than minimum wage
34-06-16 Recovery by underpaid employee
34-06-17 Investigation of compliance with rules ‑ Failure to observe or comply
34-06-18 Employer discriminating against employees
34-06-19 Penalty for violation of chapter
34-06-20 Biennial report
34-06-21 Hours of labor for females during war
34-06-22 State minimum wage rate
34-06-23 Living wage mandate prohibition ‑ Political subdivisions