North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 34-07

Child Labor

Section Section Name
34-07-01 Employment of minor under fourteen years of age prohibited
34-07-02 Certificate of employment required ‑ Inspection ‑ List of minors employed to be kept
34-07-03 Question of age of minor employee ‑ Who may raise ‑ Duties of employer ‑ Evidence required
34-07-04 Noncompliance with demand ‑ Prima facie evidence in prosecution
34-07-05 Who may issue certificates ‑ Where certificates may be obtained
34-07-06 Evidence of age of minor
34-07-07 Letter of prospective employer required before employment certificate issued
34-07-08 School record of minor required before employment certificate issued ‑ Contents of record
34-07-09 Number of years of school attendance required before certificate issued
34-07-10 Vacation employment certificate
34-07-11 Requirements for certificate for school term but not during daily session ‑ Truant or deficient minor not to be employed
34-07-12 Contents of employment certificate
34-07-13 Certificate returned to officer issuing the same upon termination of employment ‑ New certificate
34-07-14 Revocation of certificate ‑ Notice ‑ Return of revoked certificate
34-07-15 Maximum hours of labor of minors fourteen or fifteen years of age ‑ Notice to be posted
34-07-15.1 Sports-attendant services ‑ Exception
34-07-16 Prohibited employments and occupations of minors
34-07-17 Permit to work in theater or place of amusement
34-07-17.1 Newspaper and shopper carrier exemption
34-07-17.2 Minors working in hazardous occupations
34-07-18 Inspection of factories and establishments by peace officers ‑ Report ‑ Complaints
34-07-19 Duties of labor commissioner
34-07-20 Commissioner may issue orders with reference to employment of minors
34-07-21 Penalty