North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 34-08

Labor Disputes and Court Proceedings Therein

Section Section Name
34-08-01 Definitions
34-08-02 Declaration of public policy
34-08-03 Restriction on granting of preventive relief by courts in labor disputes
34-08-04 Undertaking or promise to join or resign from labor organization not enforceable
34-08-05 Acts which may not be enjoined or restrained
34-08-06 Labor dispute not an unlawful combination or conspiracy
34-08-07 Basis upon which restraining order or injunction may be issued
34-08-08 Hearing required ‑ Notice ‑ When temporary order without notice may issue
34-08-09 Judgment may be entered on undertaking ‑ Notice required
34-08-10 Review by supreme court of order granting or denying temporary injunction
34-08-11 Jury trial on contempt charge ‑ Exceptions
34-08-12 Change of judge to hear contempt charge ‑ Demand required
34-08-13 Member or officer of an organization or association not liable for agents' acts ‑ Exception
34-08-14 Mediators ‑ Appointment ‑ Functions ‑ Compensation