North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 34-09

Labor Unions

Section Section Name
34-09-01 Declaration of public policy
34-09-02 Labor union to file statement with secretary of state ‑ Contents
34-09-03 Annual report of labor union
34-09-04 Secretary of state to keep record
34-09-05 When labor union may act as bargaining agent
34-09-06 Contracts between union and employer
34-09-07 Effect of contract
34-09-08 Enforcement of contract
34-09-09 Conduct of election on appointing bargaining agent and on strike
34-09-10 Certificate of results of election ‑ Effect
34-09-11 Vote required to appoint bargaining agent or have strike become effective
34-09-12 Unlawful picketing ‑ Violation
34-09-13 Boycotting, secondary boycotting, and sympathy strikes against public policy
34-09-14 Contract effective upon dissolution, reorganization, or merger of labor union
34-09-15 Chapter not applicable to interstate commerce