North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 34-11.1

Public Employees Relations Act

Section Section Name
34-11.1-01 Definitions
34-11.1-02 Political activities
34-11.1-03 Membership in organizations
34-11.1-04 Violations for misuse reported by employee ‑ Reprisals prohibited ‑ Furnishing false information ‑ Department of labor and human rights
34-11.1-04.1 Discrimination on basis of marital status in state employment prohibited ‑ Exception
34-11.1-04.2 Employee representation at grievance proceeding
34-11.1-05 Prohibited acts
34-11.1-06 Penalties or threats prohibited
34-11.1-07 Other rights or legal remedies unimpaired
34-11.1-08 Penalty