North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 34-13

Licensing Employment Agents and Agencies

Section Section Name
34-13-01 Definitions
34-13-02 License required ‑ Penalty
34-13-03 License application ‑ Schedule of fees ‑ License issuance and revocation
34-13-04 License term and fee
34-13-05 Applicant to furnish bond
34-13-06 Form and contents of license
34-13-07 Duration of license
34-13-08 Suspension or revocation of license
34-13-09 Transfer of license ‑ Consent to others becoming connected with licensee
34-13-10 Place of business
34-13-11 License classifications
34-13-12 Schedule of charges posted and printed on receipts ‑ Sections of law posted ‑ Information given to applicant for employment
34-13-13 Contract with applicant for employment
34-13-13.1 Service charge refund ‑ Contracts and fees approved by commissioner ‑ Cause of action by employee
34-13-14 Theatrical agencies ‑ Duplicates of applications for engagements
34-13-15 Employment agent requirements
34-13-16 Penalty