North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 34-14

Wage Collection

Section Section Name
34-14-01 Definition
34-14-02 Agreed payday ‑ Direct deposit ‑ Stored value card
34-14-03 Employees who are separated from payroll before paydays
34-14-04 Unconditional payment of wages conceded to be due
34-14-04.1 Limitations on withholdings
34-14-05 Enforcement
34-14-06 Personnel
34-14-07 Penalties
34-14-07.1 Retroactive payment not required
34-14-08 Assignment of wage claims to labor commissioner for recovery by civil action
34-14-09 Employees' remedies ‑ Limitation on wages collectible
34-14-09.1 Interest on unpaid wages ‑ Amount of recovery ‑ Exception
34-14-09.2 Limitations on accrued paid time off ‑ Investigation
34-14-10 Rules and regulations
34-14-11 Reciprocal agreements for collection of wages
34-14-12 Actions in other states, nations, or countries for collection of claims ‑ Assignments for collection
34-14-13 Claims assigned by other states, nations, or countries ‑ Actions ‑ Collection