North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 38-02

Lode and Mining Claims

Section Section Name
38-02-01 Length of lode claim ‑ Limitations
38-02-02 Width of lode claims ‑ Extension ‑ Reduction
38-02-03 Discoverer of lode to file location certificate ‑ Contents of certificate
38-02-04 Duty of discoverer of lode before filing certificate of location
38-02-05 Tunnel, opencuts, crosscuts, adits, or drilling equivalent to discovery shaft
38-02-06 Discovery shaft to be sunk on lode within sixty days
38-02-07 Surface boundaries of lode ‑ How marked
38-02-08 What location in location certificate construed to contain
38-02-09 Location claim not extended beyond the exterior line
38-02-10 Owner or occupant of surface may demand security from miner
38-02-11 Additional certificate to correct or extend boundaries may be filed by locator or assigns ‑ Limitations
38-02-12 Amount of work to be done annually to hold possession of claim
38-02-13 Abandoned lode claims ‑ Regulations governing relocation
38-02-14 Certificate containing more than one location is void ‑ Exception
38-02-15 Actions relating to disputed mining property ‑ Surveys ordered ‑ Regulations governing
38-02-16 Writs of injunction for restitution of property issued by district courts ‑ Circumstances ‑ Effect
38-02-17 Conspiracies and mobs against mines ‑ Penalty
38-02-18 Trial against conspiracies or mobs taking mining property ‑ Proof required