North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 38-08

Control of Gas and Oil Resources

Section Section Name
38-08-01 Declaration of policy
38-08-02 Definitions
38-08-03 Waste prohibited
38-08-04 Jurisdiction of commission
38-08-04.1 Commission may employ examiners
38-08-04.2 Director of mineral resources ‑ Director of oil and gas ‑ Delegation to director of oil and gas
38-08-04.3 State geologist to assist commission
38-08-04.4 Commission authorized to enter into contracts
38-08-04.5 Abandoned oil and gas well plugging and site reclamation fund ‑ Continuing appropriation ‑ Budget section report
38-08-04.6 Oil and gas reservoir data fund ‑ Appropriation
38-08-04.7 Right of entry
38-08-04.8 Recovery for costs of plugging and reclamation
38-08-04.9 Confiscation of equipment and salable oil to cover plugging and reclamation costs
38-08-04.10 Penalties and other relief
38-08-04.11 Cash bond fund for plugging oil and gas wells and reclamation of oil and gas well sites ‑ Appropriation
38-08-04.12 Reclamation of land disturbed by oil and gas activity
38-08-05 Drilling permit required
38-08-06 Commission shall determine market demand and regulate the amount of production
38-08-06.1 Natural gas well status determinations and findings
38-08-06.2 Discrimination in the processing and purchasing of gas prohibited
38-08-06.3 Information statement to accompany payment to royalty owner ‑ Penalty
38-08-06.4 Flaring of gas restricted ‑ Imposition of tax ‑ Payment of royalties ‑ Industrial commission authority
38-08-07 Commission shall set spacing units
38-08-08 Integration of fractional tracts
38-08-09 Voluntary agreements for unit operation valid
38-08-09.1 Legislative finding
38-08-09.2 Power and authority of commission
38-08-09.3 Matters to be found by commission ‑ Requisites of petition
38-08-09.4 Order ‑ Units and unit areas ‑ Plan of unitization
38-08-09.5 Ratification or approval of plan by lessees and owners
38-08-09.6 Unlawful operation
38-08-09.7 Status and powers of unit ‑ Liability for expenses ‑ Liens
38-08-09.8 Modification of property rights, leases, and contracts ‑ Title to property ‑ Distribution of proceeds ‑ Effect of operations
38-08-09.9 Enlargement of area ‑ Creation of new units ‑ Amendment of plan
38-08-09.10 Reasonableness of plan
38-08-09.11 Participating by public lands
38-08-09.12 Receipts as income
38-08-09.13 Definitions
38-08-09.14 Severability of provisions
38-08-09.15 Agreement not violative of laws governing monopolies or restraint of trade
38-08-09.16 Appeals
38-08-09.17 Unit of more than one pool ‑ Unit source of supply
38-08-10 Development and operating costs of integrated fractional tracts
38-08-11 Rules covering practice before commission
38-08-12 Commission has power to summon witnesses, administer oaths, and to require production of records
38-08-13 Party adversely affected may apply for reconsideration
38-08-14 Party adversely affected may appeal to district court
38-08-15 Acquisition and handling illegal oil and gas prohibited ‑ Seizure of illegal oil and gas and sale thereof
38-08-16 Civil and criminal penalties
38-08-17 Action to restrain violation or threatened violation
38-08-18 Existing regulations still in force
38-08-19 Common purchasers ‑ Discrimination in purchasing prohibited
38-08-20 Commingling of production ‑ Central production facility ‑ Metering of production ‑ Testing of meters
38-08-20.1 Testing upon request of a royalty owner
38-08-21 Regulation of carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas
38-08-22 Regulation of welders by oil and gas division of industrial commission ‑ Continuing appropriation
38-08-23 Plats
38-08-24 Carbon sequestration and storage projects ‑ Priority
38-08-25 Hydraulic fracturing ‑ Use of carbon dioxide ‑ Designated as acceptable recovery processes
38-08-26 Submission of geographic information system data on oil and gas underground gathering pipelines required
38-08-27 Controls, inspections, and engineering design on crude oil and produced water underground gathering pipelines