North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 38-09

Exploration and Production on Publicly Owned Lands

Section Section Name
38-09-01 Interest in oil, gas, and mineral rights to be reserved on transfer of state lands
38-09-01.1 State lands may be conveyed to United States free of reservations
38-09-01.2 Reservations may be released to United States
38-09-01.3 Sale of state lands to former owner, spouse, or lineal descendants free of reservations
38-09-01.4 Release of reservations in case of prior sale
38-09-01.5 Instrument evidencing release to be furnished ‑ Fees
38-09-01.6 State may continue to lease reserved minerals ‑ Assignment of unexpired leases upon release
38-09-02 Township, city, school district, or park district may lease land for oil and gas development
38-09-03 Provisions may be inserted in lease for consolidation of adjoining lands ‑ Royalty ‑ How shared
38-09-04 Leases and occupancy not to interfere with use of land by subdivision ‑ Drilling wells ‑ Limitation
38-09-05 Board of county commissioners may adopt oil and gas leases on lands subject to delinquent taxes
38-09-06 Oil and gas leases adopted by resolution of board of county commissioners ‑ Addition of new provisions to leases
38-09-07 Certified copies of resolutions adopting oil or gas leases may be recorded ‑ Constructive notice
38-09-08 Land forfeited to county ‑ Lease binding upon county and lessee
38-09-09 Payment of bonuses, rents, royalties on lands subject to taxes ‑ Crediting amount paid to county
38-09-10 Payment of bonuses, rents, and royalties after termination of county's interest in lands
38-09-11 Board of county commissioners may demise or let lands for drilling or mining purposes
38-09-12 County may not engage in mining or oil business
38-09-13 Disposition of moneys collected by counties and political subdivisions on mining, oil, and gas leases
38-09-14 Public lands ‑ Leasing for exploration and for production of oil and gas ‑ Method
38-09-15 Public offering of leases ‑ State
38-09-15.1 Sale of private mineral interests at public offerings for state mineral leases
38-09-16 Public offering of leases ‑ Counties and political subdivisions
38-09-17 Bidding or offers
38-09-18 Terms of lease ‑ Unit operation
38-09-19 Lease void if not let as provided herein ‑ Exceptions
38-09-20 Rules and regulations
38-09-21 Approval of oil and gas leases