North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 38-10

Sales and Leases by Personal Representatives

Section Section Name
38-10-01 Definitions
38-10-02 Personal representative may lease for production or sell mineral or oil rights in lands of estate
38-10-03 Term of lease for production ‑ Conditions and limitations in lease
38-10-04 Lease for production made by personal representative to be approved by county court ‑ Notice ‑ Recording
38-10-05 Personal representative may sell mineral, oil, and gas rights separately from surface rights
38-10-06 Petition required to obtain order of license ‑ Contents of petition ‑ Citation issued on petition
38-10-07 Objections to petition for confirmation of lease or for order of license to sell
38-10-08 Order of license to sell oil, gas, or mineral rights and procedure thereafter
38-10-09 Sales of oil, gas, or mineral rights made subject to existing lease
38-10-10 Conveyance of oil, gas, or mineral rights to include right of ingress and egress
38-10-11 Property directed by will to be disposed of ‑ Duty of executor
38-10-12 Appointment of trustee to execute mineral lease if contingent future interests are involved
38-10-13 Who may institute proceedings
38-10-14 Disposition of income and royalties