North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 38-11

Lease of Minerals on Public Lands

Section Section Name
38-11-01 Definitions
38-11-02 Leases of certain mineral rights in state lands
38-11-02.1 Board of university and school lands to oversee all mineral leasing
38-11-02.2 Authority of the board
38-11-02.3 Authority of other agencies
38-11-02.4 Agencies may contract with board
38-11-03 Terms of lease ‑ Ratification ‑ Restoration of land
38-11-04 Offering of mineral leases to be public
38-11-05 Bidding or offers
38-11-06 Leasing of islands and beds of navigable rivers and lakes
38-11-07 Royalty scale
38-11-08 Other royalty provisions
38-11-09 Rejection of bids
38-11-10 Rules and regulations