North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 38-14.2

Abandoned Surface Mine Reclamation

Section Section Name
38-14.2-01 Declaration of findings and purpose
38-14.2-02 Definitions
38-14.2-03 Powers and duties of the commission
38-14.2-04 State abandoned mine reclamation fund
38-14.2-05 Construction of public facilities
38-14.2-06 Eligible lands and water
38-14.2-07 Commission authorized to administer abandoned mine reclamation program ‑ Objectives ‑ Priorities
38-14.2-08 Right to conduct studies
38-14.2-09 Affected lands ‑ Right of entry
38-14.2-10 Land acquisition
38-14.2-11 Title to lands
38-14.2-12 Transfer or sale of acquired lands
38-14.2-13 Public hearing on disposition of acquired lands
38-14.2-14 Liens for reclamation on private lands
38-14.2-15 Hearing and appeal