North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-01

Definitions and General Provisions

Section Section Name
39-01-01 Definitions
39-01-01.1 Declaration of legislative intent
39-01-01.2 Autonomous vehicle operations
39-01-02 Motor vehicles owned or leased by the state to display name on side of vehicles ‑ Exceptions ‑ Penalty
39-01-03 Motor vehicle owned by the state, North Dakota art museum, or an international peace garden not to be used for private use or in political activities
39-01-04 Political activity defined
39-01-05 Expenses not to be collected by state officers or employees engaged in political activity
39-01-06 Collecting or receiving expense money wrongfully ‑ Civil action for recovery ‑ Liability of bond
39-01-07 Penalty for violation of chapter
39-01-08 State, political subdivisions, and International Peace Gardens authorized to carry insurance on vehicles ‑ Waiver of immunity to extent only of insurance purchased
39-01-08.1 Senior citizens group motor vehicle ‑ Availability of coverage under political subdivision policies
39-01-08.2 Senior citizens group motor vehicle ‑ Availability of coverage under state policies
39-01-09 Parking meters prohibited
39-01-10 Proof of payment of registration fees and taxes
39-01-11 Nonresident motor vehicle user ‑ Service upon
39-01-12 Mailing notice to defendant upon service of nonresident motor vehicle user
39-01-13 Director to keep record of process received for nonresident motor vehicle users
39-01-14 Protecting rights of defendant served as nonresident motor vehicle user
39-01-15 Parking privileges for mobility impaired ‑ Certificate ‑ Revocation ‑ Continuing appropriation ‑ Penalty
39-01-16 Hearing on alleged violations
39-01-17 Authority to administer oaths and certify copies of records ‑ Admissibility of records
39-01-18 Dealer bond cancellation ‑ Reinstatement ‑ Revocation of license
39-01-19 Permits for vending machines at rest areas