North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-04

Motor Vehicle Registration

Section Section Name
39-04-01 Definitions
39-04-02 Application for the registration of a vehicle ‑ Contents ‑ Penalty
39-04-02.1 Change of address
39-04-03 Size of tires to be given in application when truck, combination truck, or trailer registered
39-04-04 Register of applicants to be kept by the department
39-04-05 Grounds for refusing registration
39-04-05.1 Refusal to register vehicle ‑ Revoking registration ‑ Appeal
39-04-06 When registration rescinded or suspended
39-04-07 Department to suspend registration upon notice of theft or embezzlement
39-04-08 Number plates furnished by the department
39-04-08.1 Assignment of motor vehicle number plates
39-04-09 Director may design and issue number plates
39-04-09.1 Commemorative Lewis and Clark number plates
39-04-10 Special plates for amateur radio station licenseholders
39-04-10.1 Manufacturer's plate ‑ Fee
39-04-10.2 Special plates for mobility‑impaired individuals
39-04-10.3 Personalized plates
39-04-10.4 Antique motor vehicles ‑ License and fee ‑ Use
39-04-10.5 Prisoner of war plates ‑ Transfer to certain surviving spouses ‑ Retirement
39-04-10.6 Registration of motor vehicles owned by collectors
39-04-10.7 Special number plates for farm vehicles
39-04-10.8 National guard number plates
39-04-10.9 Law enforcement plates
39-04-10.10 North Dakota veterans' number plates
39-04-10.11 Firefighter's association plates
39-04-10.12 North Dakota future farmers of America foundation number plates
39-04-10.13 Public or nonprofit organization number plate
39-04-10.14 North Dakota gold star number plates
39-04-10.15 Patriotic number plates
39-04-10.16 Special vehicle license plates for volunteer emergency responders, volunteer firefighters, and volunteer search and rescue personnel
39-04-11 Display of number plates and tabs
39-04-12 Contents of number plates ‑ Size of letters and numerals on plates ‑ Reflectorized ‑ Tabs or stickers
39-04-13 Duplicates to be obtained of number plate, tab, sticker, or registration card if lost, mutilated, or illegible ‑ Fee
39-04-14 Renewal of registration
39-04-14.1 Renewal of registration of motor vehicles under certain weight
39-04-14.2 Staggered registration for apportioned vehicles
39-04-14.3 Online registration renewal receipt showing compliance with registration is prima facie evidence
39-04-14.4 Renewal of motorcycle registration
39-04-15 When registration fees become due and delinquent
39-04-15.1 Installment registration of vehicles licensed for a gross weight in excess of thirty‑six thousand pounds [16329.33 kilograms] ‑ Delinquencies ‑ Penalty
39-04-16 Penalty for delinquent registration fees ‑ Exceptions
39-04-17 Certificate of notary showing compliance with registration is prima facie evidence ‑ Penalty
39-04-18 Motor vehicles exempt from registration fees ‑ Reciprocal use of state highways by foreign licensed motor vehicles
39-04-18.1 Failure to register upon gainful employment
39-04-18.2 Temporary motor vehicle registration ‑ Fees
39-04-19 Motor vehicle registration fees and mile tax
39-04-19.1 Registration of soil and water conservation vehicles
39-04-19.2 Electric and plug‑in hybrid vehicle road use fee ‑ Definitions
39-04-20 Additional fees required of trucks
39-04-21 Fees for motor vehicles first registered in state
39-04-21.1 Trailers, semitrailers, farm trailers ‑ Registration fees prorated ‑ Excess weight registration
39-04-22 Motor vehicle exceeding registered gross weight for which licensed not to be operated on highway ‑ Exception
39-04-23 Registered motor vehicle transporting property may change registration to higher or lower registered gross weight
39-04-24 Director to determine weight of motor vehicle when manufacturer's weight unknown
39-04-25 When seasonal registration of passenger buses permitted
39-04-26 Registration of vehicles transporting property ‑ Based on registered gross weight ‑ Minimum gross weight ‑ Exemption
39-04-27 Manufacturer or dealer to give notice of sale or transfer
39-04-28 Motor vehicle and motorcycle dealers licenses ‑ Fees ‑ Additional number plates
39-04-29 Certificate of title to be delivered
39-04-30 Cancellation of licenses
39-04-31 Bond required
39-04-31.1 Imposing fees in lieu of truck‑mile tax
39-04-32 Used car lots ‑ Location
39-04-33 Dealer permitting license to be used by another dealer ‑ License revoked ‑ Penalty
39-04-34 Dealers to furnish information to registrar
39-04-34.1 Transfer of certain powers to public service commission
39-04-35 Dealer to file list of used cars with registrar ‑ Fees paid on used cars by dealer
39-04-36 Transfer of registered vehicle ‑ Removal of number plates ‑ Transfer of number plates
39-04-37 Violations of registration provisions
39-04-38 Taxes or fees provided for to be in lieu of other state or local personal property taxes
39-04-39 Distribution of registration fees collected
39-04-39.1 Distribution to local highway funds
39-04-39.2 Refunds of registration fees
39-04-39.3 Motor vehicle registration fee collection agreements with home rule cities
39-04-39.4 Refund of registration fees
39-04-39.5 Allocation of portion of registration fee
39-04-40 Officers to enforce the provisions of chapter
39-04-41 Penalty for violation of provisions of chapter
39-04-42 Construction contract truck registration ‑ Penalty
39-04-43 Antique automobile ‑ License and fee
39-04-44 Credits on destroyed vehicle
39-04-44.1 Transporter's license and registration card
39-04-45 Driveaway transporter registration
39-04-46 Driveaway transporter registration ‑ Expiration
39-04-47 Driveaway transporter registration ‑ Display
39-04-48 Driveaway transporter registration ‑ Application
39-04-49 Driveaway transporter registration ‑ Fee
39-04-50 Motor vehicle department powers
39-04-51 Penalties
39-04-52 Driveaway transport license fees ‑ Effect
39-04-53 Noncompliance ‑ Effect
39-04-54 Registration card ‑ Issuance ‑ Contents ‑ Signing
39-04-55 Registration to be carried in or on vehicle ‑ Inspection ‑ Penalty
39-04-56 Altering or forging registration card ‑ Penalty