North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-05

Title Registration

Section Section Name
39-05-01 Definitions
39-05-02 Vehicles exempt from provisions of chapter
39-05-02.1 Certificate of title required
39-05-02.2 Exclusions from the certificate of title requirement
39-05-03 Department not to license vehicle until application is made for a certificate of title
39-05-04 Certificate of title required before vehicle can be operated on highway ‑ Penalty
39-05-05 Application for certificate of title ‑ Contents ‑ Fee
39-05-06 Application to be verified ‑ When officers and employees of department may verify
39-05-07 False statement in application or other document ‑ Penalty
39-05-08 Application to be checked against certain indexes
39-05-09 Issuance, contents, delivery, and term of certificate
39-05-09.1 Lost, stolen, or mutilated certificate of title
39-05-09.2 Suspension or revocation of certificates of title
39-05-10 Registration card ‑ Issuance ‑ Contents ‑ Signing
39-05-11 Altering or forging certificate of title ‑ Penalty
39-05-12 Registration card to be carried in or on vehicle ‑ Inspection of card ‑ Penalty
39-05-13 Duplicate number plate, trailer plate, certificate of registration card issued when, fee
39-05-14 Special number when engine or serial number is altered, removed, or defaced ‑ Application ‑ Stamping ‑ Record
39-05-15 Registration card to be endorsed and sent to department upon transfer of vehicle ‑ Penalty
39-05-16 Legal owner of a motor vehicle not to transfer title without certificate ‑ Penalty
39-05-16.1 Release of a security interest
39-05-17 Transfer of title of vehicle ‑ Endorsement required ‑ Certificate of title delivered ‑ New certificate obtained ‑ Penalty
39-05-17.1 Certificate of title to be delivered
39-05-17.2 Body damage disclosure ‑ Rules ‑ When required ‑ Penalty
39-05-17.3 Vehicle leases that are not sales or security interests
39-05-18 Forwarding certificate of title to department not required when transferee is dealer ‑ Exception
39-05-19 Obtaining certificate of title for vehicle when ownership obtained by other than voluntary means
39-05-20 Transferee may obtain new certificate of title upon inability to obtain old certificate ‑ Proof of ownership ‑ Appeal
39-05-20.1 Salvage certificate of title
39-05-20.2 Issuance of salvage certificate of title
39-05-20.3 Grounds for refusing certificate of title
39-05-20.4 Titles for salvage and junk motor vehicles ‑ Rules ‑ Penalty
39-05-21 Refusal to issue certificate of title ‑ Revoking certificate ‑ Appeal
39-05-22 Department to maintain file of surrendered certificates of title ‑ Purpose ‑ Records
39-05-23 Peace officers to report stolen and recovered motor vehicles to department
39-05-24 Index of stolen and recovered motor vehicles kept by department ‑ Department to report to municipalities, counties, and other states
39-05-25 Receiving, transferring, or having possession of stolen vehicles ‑ Felony
39-05-26 Used car dealers to maintain records ‑ Contents
39-05-27 Vehicle dealer to have certificate of title or other documentary evidence to prove possession
39-05-28 Penalty for defacing, destroying, removing, or altering engine, serial, or identification numbers
39-05-29 Registration of housetrailers ‑ Provisions of chapter not applicable to trailers or semitrailers less than fifty dollars in value
39-05-30 Fees and revenues collected placed in highway tax distribution fund ‑ Payment of salaries and expenses
39-05-31 Director may employ office help and purchase supplies
39-05-31.1 Administration of oaths
39-05-32 Officers to enforce provisions of chapter
39-05-33 General penalty
39-05-34 Penalty for felony
39-05-35 Manufactured homes ‑ Conversion to real property ‑ Procedure ‑ Rules