North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-06.2

Commercial Driver's Licenses

Section Section Name
39-06.2-01 Uniform Commercial Driver's License Act
39-06.2-02 Definitions
39-06.2-03 Limitation on number of driver's licenses
39-06.2-04 Notification required by driver
39-06.2-05 Employer responsibilities
39-06.2-06 Commercial driver's license required
39-06.2-07 Commercial driver's license qualification standards
39-06.2-08 Application for commercial driver's license
39-06.2-08.1 Commercial driver's license medical certification requirements
39-06.2-08.2 Commercial driver's license drug and alcohol clearinghouse requirements
39-06.2-09 Commercial driver's license
39-06.2-09.1 Nondomiciled commercial license
39-06.2-10 Disqualification and cancellation
39-06.2-10.1 Prohibited alcohol offenses for commercial motor vehicle drivers
39-06.2-10.2 Implied consent requirements for commercial motor vehicle drivers
39-06.2-10.3 Action following test result for a resident driver
39-06.2-10.4 Action following test result or refusal of testing by nonresident driver
39-06.2-10.5 Revocation of privilege to drive commercial motor vehicle upon refusal to submit to testing
39-06.2-10.6 Administrative hearing on request
39-06.2-10.7 Judicial review
39-06.2-10.8 Temporary driver's permit
39-06.2-10.9 Out‑of‑service order ‑ Rules
39-06.2-11 License reissuance ‑ Class D license
39-06.2-12 Notification of traffic convictions
39-06.2-13 Driving record information to be furnished
39-06.2-13.1 Driving record information to be provided
39-06.2-14 Rulemaking authority
39-06.2-15 Authority to enter agreements
39-06.2-16 Reciprocity
39-06.2-17 Hours of service exemption ‑ Transportation of agricultural commodities
39-06.2-18 Imminent hazard disqualification ‑ Records
39-06.2-19 Fees ‑ Deposit in highway fund