North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-06

Operators' Licenses

Section Section Name
39-06-01 Operators must be licensed ‑ Additional licensing ‑ Penalty
39-06-01.1 Special provisions for minor operators
39-06-01.2 Anatomical gifting
39-06-01.3 Compliance with federal selective service requirement
39-06-02 Individuals who are exempt from having an operator's license ‑ Resident defined
39-06-03 No operator's license to certain individuals
39-06-03.1 Nondriver photo identification card issued by director ‑ Release of information ‑ Penalty ‑ Public awareness
39-06-04 Class D instruction permit
39-06-05 Restricted instruction permit ‑ When instruction permit not required ‑ Driver's training course
39-06-06 Temporary operator's permit
39-06-07 Application for operator's license
39-06-07.1 Proof of name, date of birth, legal presence, and citizenship for operator's license application ‑ License difference for citizens and noncitizens - Primary source identity documents
39-06-07.2 Medical advice ‑ Use by director - Driver's duty to report certain injuries
39-06-08 Application of minors
39-06-09 Liability for negligence of minor ‑ General
39-06-10 Liability for negligence of minor ‑ Proof of financial responsibility
39-06-11 Cancellation of minor's license or permit upon request
39-06-12 Cancellation of an operator's license of a minor upon death of applicant
39-06-13 Examination of applicants
39-06-13.1 Fee for examination of applicants
39-06-14 Licenses issued to operators ‑ General ‑ Classified operator's license
39-06-14.1 Motorcycle operator's licenses and motorized bicycles
39-06-14.2 Driver license central identity management
39-06-14.3 Electronic operator's license
39-06-15 Commissioner may appoint agents to issue licenses ‑ Fees
39-06-16 License to be carried and exhibited on demand
39-06-17 Restricted licenses ‑ Penalty for violation
39-06-18 Substitute operator's license
39-06-19 Expiration of license ‑ Renewal
39-06-19.1 Extended term of license held by members of the armed forces ‑ Limitations
39-06-19.2 Renewal of license held by out-of-state individual
39-06-20 Notice of change of address or name
39-06-21 Filing application records
39-06-22 Driving records of licensees
39-06-23 Definition of suspension, revocation, and cancellation
39-06-24 Authority to cancel licenses
39-06-25 Suspending privileges of nonresidents
39-06-26 Reporting convictions, suspensions, or revocations of nonresidents
39-06-27 Suspending licenses upon conviction, suspension, or revocation in another jurisdiction
39-06-28 Courts to forward license to director upon certain convictions
39-06-29 Courts to report records of certain convictions
39-06-29.1 Authority to suspend licenses of juveniles
39-06-30 Conviction ‑ Meaning and effect
39-06-31 Revocation of licenses
39-06-32 Authority to suspend licenses
39-06-32.1 Suspension of child's driving privileges
39-06-33 Hearings on suspension or revocation
39-06-33.1 Authority to suspend licenses after traffic death or injury ‑ Show cause order required
39-06-34 Director may require re-examination
39-06-34.1 Court may require re-examination
39-06-35 Period of suspension
39-06-36 Restoration of revoked licenses
39-06-36.1 Restoration of revoked or suspended licenses ‑ Successful completion of drug court
39-06-37 Duration of multiple suspensions and revocations for separate violations
39-06-38 No operation under foreign license during suspension or revocation in this state
39-06-39 Review by court
39-06-40 Unlawful use of license ‑ Penalty
39-06-40.1 Reproducing operator's license ‑ Penalty
39-06-41 Making false affidavit perjury
39-06-42 Penalty for driving while license suspended or revoked ‑ Impoundment of vehicle number plates ‑ Authority of cities
39-06-43 Extension of license suspension or revocation
39-06-44 Permitting unauthorized minor to drive
39-06-45 Permitting unauthorized individual to drive
39-06-46 Renting motor vehicles ‑ License of renter
39-06-47 Renting motor vehicle ‑ License inspection
39-06-48 Renting motor vehicle ‑ Records
39-06-49 Fees ‑ Deposit in state highway fund
39-06-50 Short title
39-06-51 License to carry warnings and convictions
39-06-52 Veteran indicator on license