North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-07

General Regulations Governing Traffic

Section Section Name
39-07-01 Bicycle or ridden animal to be deemed vehicle
39-07-02 Owner of property used for vehicular travel may prohibit or require additional conditions to use
39-07-03 Through highways designated by director and local authorities ‑ Stop and yield intersections
39-07-03.1 Uniform traffic lights prescribed by commissioner ‑ Prohibition
39-07-04 Powers of local authorities
39-07-05 Persons working on highways ‑ Exceptions
39-07-06 General penalty for violation of title
39-07-07 Halting an individual for violating traffic regulations ‑ Duty of officer halting
39-07-07.1 Provision of envelopes for traffic and parking violations on state charitable or penal institution property or state capitol grounds
39-07-08 Hearing ‑ Time ‑ Promise of defendant to appear ‑ Failure to appear ‑ Penalty
39-07-09 Offenses under which person halted may not be entitled to release upon promise to appear
39-07-10 Officer violating provisions for arrest and notice of hearing to defendant may be removed from office
39-07-11 Magistrate to keep record of convictions of traffic violations ‑ Records of conviction to be forwarded to licensing authority
39-07-12 Garages to report
39-07-13 Wrecker and towing services to report