North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-08

Regulations Governing Operators

Section Section Name
39-08-01 Persons under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any other drugs or substances not to operate vehicle ‑ Penalty
39-08-01.1 Prior offenses
39-08-01.2 Special punishment for causing injury or death while operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol
39-08-01.3 Alcohol‑related traffic offenses ‑ Seizure, forfeiture, and sale of motor vehicles
39-08-01.4 Driving while under the influence of alcohol while being accompanied by a minor ‑ Penalty
39-08-01.5 Partial suspension of sentence for drug court program, mental health court program, or veterans treatment docket completion
39-08-01.6 Criminal record ‑ Seal ‑ Exception
39-08-02 Person conveying passengers not to engage drivers addicted to intoxicants ‑ Penalty
39-08-03 Reckless driving ‑ Aggravated reckless driving ‑ Penalty
39-08-03.1 Exhibition driving and drag racing ‑ Definitions ‑ Penalty
39-08-04 Accidents involving death or personal injuries ‑ Penalty
39-08-04.1 Emergency care or services rendered ‑ Liability
39-08-05 Crashes involving damage to vehicle ‑ Penalty
39-08-06 Duty to give information and render aid
39-08-07 Duty upon striking unattended vehicle ‑ Penalty
39-08-08 Duty upon striking highway fixtures or other property
39-08-09 Immediate notice of accident ‑ Penalty
39-08-10 Officer to report
39-08-10.1 Investigating agency responsible to notify immediate family
39-08-11 When driver unable to report
39-08-12 False reports
39-08-13 Crash report forms
39-08-14 Public inspection of reports relating to crashes
39-08-15 Director of the department of transportation to tabulate and analyze crash reports
39-08-16 Any incorporated city may require crash reports
39-08-17 Magistrates to report convictions to highway commissioner
39-08-18 Open container law ‑ Penalty
39-08-19 Penalty for harassment of domestic animals
39-08-20 Driving without liability insurance prohibited ‑ Penalty
39-08-20.1 Uninsured motorist ‑ Insurance deductible
39-08-20.2 Special mobile equipment and liability insurance - Report - Penalty
39-08-21 Medical qualifications exemption for intrastate drivers
39-08-22 Nonpayment for motor fuels ‑ Penalty
39-08-23 Use of a wireless communications device prohibited
39-08-24 Use of an electronic communication device by minor prohibited
39-08-25 Failure to maintain control