North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-09

Speed Restrictions

Section Section Name
39-09-01 Basic rule ‑ Penalty for violation
39-09-01.1 Care required in operating vehicle
39-09-02 Speed limitations
39-09-03 When local authorities may or shall alter maximum speed ‑ Limits ‑ Signs posted
39-09-04 Alteration of maximum speed limits on state highways
39-09-04.1 Special speed limitations
39-09-05 Driving vehicle upon bridge, causeway, or viaduct at greater than maximum speed prohibited
39-09-06 Speed limitations inapplicable to whom ‑ Liability of exempt driver for reckless driving
39-09-07 Speed zones on state highways
39-09-07.1 Speed zones ‑ Reduction limitation
39-09-08 Regulation of speed control signs
39-09-09 Minimum speed limits