North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-10

General Rules of the Road

Section Section Name
39-10-01 Provisions of title refer to vehicles upon the highways ‑ Exceptions
39-10-01.1 Required obedience to traffic laws
39-10-02 Obedience to police officer or firefighter
39-10-02.1 Person riding animal or driving animal‑drawn vehicle
39-10-03 Class A authorized emergency vehicles
39-10-03.1 Class B authorized emergency vehicles
39-10-03.2 Class C authorized emergency vehicles
39-10-04 Obedience to and required traffic‑control devices
39-10-05 Traffic‑control signal legend
39-10-06 Pedestrian control signals
39-10-07 Flashing signals
39-10-07.1 Lane‑direction‑control signals
39-10-07.2 Display of unauthorized signs, signals, or markings
39-10-07.3 Interference with official traffic‑control device or railroad sign or signal
39-10-08 Drive on right side of roadway ‑ Exceptions
39-10-09 Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions
39-10-10 Use of multiple‑beam road‑lighting equipment
39-10-11 Overtaking a vehicle on the left
39-10-11.1 Overtaking and passing a bicycle
39-10-12 When overtaking on the right is permitted
39-10-13 Limitations on overtaking on the left
39-10-14 Further limitations on driving on left of center of roadway
39-10-15 No‑passing zones
39-10-16 One‑way roadways and rotary traffic islands
39-10-17 Driving on roadways laned for traffic
39-10-18 Following too closely
39-10-19 Driving on divided highway
39-10-20 Restricted access
39-10-21 Restrictions on use of controlled‑access roadway
39-10-21.1 Closing road because of hazardous conditions ‑ Road closure notice ‑ Entering closed road prohibited
39-10-22 Vehicle approaching or entering intersection
39-10-22.1 Entering freeways ‑ Right of way
39-10-23 Vehicle turning left
39-10-24 Stop signs and yield signs
39-10-25 Vehicle entering roadway
39-10-26 Vehicle to stop or yield the right of way for authorized emergency vehicle or vehicle used for maintaining the state highway system ‑ Penalty
39-10-26.1 Highway construction and maintenance
39-10-26.2 Permitting use of vehicle to violate section 39‑10‑26 prohibited ‑ Presumption of permission ‑ Defense ‑ Dual prosecution prohibited
39-10-26.3 Vehicle to yield the right of way for stationary motor vehicles
39-10-27 Pedestrian obedience to traffic‑control devices and traffic regulations
39-10-28 Pedestrian's right of way in crosswalk
39-10-29 Crossing at other than crosswalk
39-10-30 Driver to exercise due care
39-10-31 Protection of blind or incapacitated pedestrians
39-10-32 Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalks
39-10-33 Pedestrian on roadway
39-10-33.1 Pedestrian's right of way on sidewalk
39-10-33.2 Pedestrian to yield to authorized emergency vehicles
39-10-33.3 Blind pedestrian right of way
39-10-33.4 Pedestrian under influence of alcohol or drugs
39-10-33.5 Bridge and railroad signals
39-10-34 Pedestrian soliciting ride or business
39-10-35 Required position and method of turning
39-10-36 Limitations on turning around
39-10-37 Starting parked vehicle
39-10-38 Turning movements and required signals
39-10-39 Signals by hand and arm or signal lamps
39-10-40 Method of giving hand‑and‑arm signals
39-10-41 Obedience to signal indicating approach of train or other on‑track equipment
39-10-42 All vehicles must stop at certain railroad grade crossings
39-10-43 Certain vehicles must stop at all railroad grade crossings
39-10-44 Stop signs and yield signs
39-10-45 Emerging from alley, driveway, private road, or building
39-10-46 Overtaking and passing schoolbus
39-10-46.1 Permitting use of vehicle to violate section 39‑10‑46 prohibited ‑ Presumption of permission ‑ Defense ‑ Dual prosecution prohibited
39-10-47 Stopping, standing, or parking outside of business or residence districts
39-10-48 Officer authorized to remove illegally stopped vehicle
39-10-49 Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited in specified places
39-10-50 Additional parking regulations
39-10-50.1 Electric vehicle parking stalls or spaces ‑ Unauthorized parking or obstructing
39-10-51 Unattended motor vehicle
39-10-51.1 Parking violations ‑ Lessor responsibility
39-10-52 Limitations on backing
39-10-52.1 Driving upon sidewalk
39-10-52.2 Riding in housetrailer
39-10-53 Riding on motorcycles
39-10-54 Obstruction to driver's view or driving mechanism
39-10-54.1 Opening and closing vehicle door
39-10-55 Driving on mountain highways
39-10-56 Coasting prohibited
39-10-57 Following emergency vehicle too closely prohibited ‑ Stopping by emergency vehicle
39-10-58 Crossing firehose
39-10-59 Garbage, glass, rubbish, and injurious materials on highway prohibited
39-10-60 Riding on bicycles
39-10-61 Clinging to vehicles
39-10-62 Riding on roadways and bicycle paths
39-10-63 Carrying articles
39-10-63.1 Lamps and other equipment on bicycles
39-10-64 Driving through safety zone prohibited
39-10-65 Operation of motor vehicle, tractor, or other vehicle prohibited on flood protective works ‑ Exception ‑ Penalty
39-10-66 Vehicle approaching a yield right of way sign
39-10-67 Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossing
39-10-68 Stop when traffic obstructed
39-10-69 Charging violation and proving negligence in civil action
39-10-70 Racing on highways
39-10-71 Fleeing or attempting to elude a peace officer ‑ Penalty
39-10-72 Funeral processions ‑ Traffic regulations
39-10-73 Flashing green lights
39-10-74 Motor vehicle platoons