North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-12

Size, Width, and Height Restrictions

Section Section Name
39-12-01 State and local authorities may classify highways as to weight and load capacities
39-12-02 Special permits for vehicles of excessive size and weight issued ‑ Contents ‑ Fees
39-12-03 Director or local authorities may limit use of vehicles on highways ‑ Exception for inclement weather
39-12-04 Width, height, and length limitations on vehicles ‑ Exceptions
39-12-05 Weight limitations for vehicles on interstate system
39-12-05.1 Weight limitations for vehicles on designated highways
39-12-05.2 Interstate weight limitations if permitted by the Congress of the United States
39-12-05.3 Weight limitations for vehicles on highways other than the interstate system
39-12-06 Limitations on extending of load beyond side of motor vehicle
39-12-07 Peace officers may weigh vehicle to determine load ‑ Decreasing gross weight of vehicle
39-12-08 Penalty for violation of chapter
39-12-09 Unlawful to violate provisions governing size, weight, or construction of vehicles ‑ Size and weight specified in this chapter lawful through state ‑ Penalty
39-12-10 Flag or light to be displayed at end of load
39-12-11 Impounding overweight vehicle
39-12-12 Impounding receipt ‑ Information
39-12-13 Impounding notice ‑ Perishables
39-12-14 Civil complaint
39-12-14.1 Voluntary settlement of extraordinary road use fee charges
39-12-15 Mailing complaint
39-12-16 Cash bond ‑ Holding
39-12-17 Trial ‑ Charges
39-12-18 Payment of charges ‑ Confiscation ‑ Sale
39-12-19 Payment ‑ Effect
39-12-20 Proceeds of sale ‑ Continuing appropriation
39-12-21 Penalty
39-12-22 Permissible loads ‑ Exceptions
39-12-23 Governor's order authorizing excess limits
39-12-24 Authority for cooperative regional permit agreements on excess size or weight vehicles
39-12-25 Bank of North Dakota - Line of credit