North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-16.1

Proof of Financial Responsibility for the Future

Section Section Name
39-16.1-01 Application
39-16.1-02 Proof of financial responsibility defined
39-16.1-03 Notice of failure to satisfy judgment
39-16.1-04 Suspension of license ‑ Temporary release
39-16.1-05 Satisfaction of judgment
39-16.1-06 Installment payments
39-16.1-07 Revocation or suspension of license for reasons other than provisions of this chapter
39-16.1-08 Proof of financial responsibility
39-16.1-09 Proof by showing insurance coverage
39-16.1-10 Nonresident owner
39-16.1-11 Motor vehicle liability policy
39-16.1-12 Notice of cancellation of policy by insurer
39-16.1-13 Other laws requiring insurance
39-16.1-14 Financial responsibility may be evidenced by bond
39-16.1-15 Deposit of cash with the Bank of North Dakota
39-16.1-16 Employment or family connection in lieu of proof of financial responsibility
39-16.1-17 Release of bond or deposit on making other proof of responsibility
39-16.1-18 Procedure on failure of proof on file
39-16.1-19 Cancellation of bond or return of deposit
39-16.1-20 Seizure or return of operator's license
39-16.1-20.1 Verification of liability insurance
39-16.1-21 Operating under suspension or revocation ‑ Penalties
39-16.1-22 Federal, state, or municipal ownership
39-16.1-23 Who may be self‑insurer