North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-18

Mobile Home Dealer Regulation

Section Section Name
39-18-01 Mobile home and manufactured home dealer's license ‑ Fees ‑ Dealer's plates ‑ Penalty
39-18-02 Bond required
39-18-02.1 Disposition of fees
39-18-03 Titling and licensing of mobile homes, housetrailers, and travel trailers ‑ License fee
39-18-03.1 Park model trailer fee
39-18-03.2 Park model trailer fee
39-18-04 Safety devices and requirements
39-18-05 Width, length, and height of mobile home operated in the state of North Dakota ‑ Oversize permits
39-18-06 Suspension or revocation of dealer's license
39-18-07 Penalty
39-18-08 Sales by real estate broker or salesperson of used mobile home or manufactured home ‑ Penalty