North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-20

Chemical Test for Intoxication, Implied Consent

Section Section Name
39-20-01 Implied consent to determine alcohol concentration and presence of drugs
39-20-01.1 Chemical test of driver in serious bodily injury or fatal crashes
39-20-02 Individuals qualified to administer test and opportunity for additional test
39-20-03 Consent of person incapable of refusal not withdrawn
39-20-03.1 Action following test result for a resident operator
39-20-03.2 Action following test result or on refusing test by nonresident operator
39-20-04 Revocation of privilege to drive motor vehicle upon refusal to submit to testing
39-20-04.1 Administrative sanction for driving or being in physical control of a vehicle while having certain alcohol concentration
39-20-05 Administrative hearing on request ‑ Election to participate in the twenty‑four seven sobriety program
39-20-06 Judicial review
39-20-07 Interpretation of chemical tests
39-20-08 Proof of refusal admissible in any civil or criminal action or proceeding
39-20-09 Effect of evidence of chemical test
39-20-10 Notice to other states
39-20-11 Application to prosecutions under municipal ordinances
39-20-12 Liability
39-20-13 State crime laboratory to examine specimens of fatalities in accidental deaths involving a motor vehicle ‑ Record use
39-20-14 Screening tests
39-20-15 Restricted license upon twenty‑four seven sobriety program participation