North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-21

Equipment of Vehicles

Section Section Name
39-21-01 When lighted lamps are required
39-21-02 Visibility distance and mounted height of lamps
39-21-03 Headlamps on motor vehicle
39-21-04 Taillamps
39-21-05 New motor vehicle to be equipped with reflectors
39-21-06 Stop lamps and turn signals required on new motor vehicle
39-21-06.1 Additional lighting equipment
39-21-07 Application of succeeding sections
39-21-08 Additional equipment required on certain vehicles
39-21-09 Color of clearance lamps, side marker lamps, backup lamps, and reflectors
39-21-10 Mounting of reflectors, clearance lamps, and side marker lamps
39-21-11 Visibility of reflectors, clearance lamps, and marker lamps
39-21-12 Obstructed lights not required
39-21-13 Lamp or flag on projecting load
39-21-14 Lamps on parked vehicle
39-21-15 Lamps, reflectors, and reflective materials on farm tractors, farm equipment, and implements of husbandry
39-21-16 Lamps on other vehicles and equipment
39-21-17 Spot lamps and auxiliary lamps
39-21-18 Audible and visual signals on vehicle
39-21-18.1 Flashing signals on rural mail vehicle ‑ Standards
39-21-19 Signal lamps and signal devices
39-21-19.1 Vehicular hazard warning signals
39-21-20 Multiple‑beam road‑lighting equipment
39-21-21 Use of multiple‑beam road‑lighting equipment
39-21-22 Single‑beam road‑lighting equipment
39-21-23 Lighting equipment on motor‑driven cycles
39-21-24 Arrest for improperly adjusted headlamps or improper bulbs ‑ Certificate of conformance a defense
39-21-25 Number of driving lamps required or permitted
39-21-26 Special restrictions on lamps
39-21-27 Special lighting and warning equipment on schoolbuses
39-21-27.1 Schoolbus standards ‑ Equipment and color regulations
39-21-28 Standards for lights on snow‑removal or other hazardous equipment
39-21-29 Selling or using lamps or equipment
39-21-30 Authority of department
39-21-30.1 Duration of approval
39-21-31 Revocation of certificate of approval
39-21-32 Brake equipment required
39-21-33 Maintenance of brakes
39-21-34 Brakes on motor‑driven cycles
39-21-35 Hydraulic brake fluid
39-21-36 Horn and warning device
39-21-37 Muffler ‑ Prevention of noise and smoke
39-21-38 Mirror
39-21-39 Windshield ‑ Must be unobstructed and equipped with wipers ‑ Tinted windows
39-21-39.1 Windshield impairing vision of drivers
39-21-40 Restrictions as to tire equipment
39-21-41 Safety glazing material in motor vehicles
39-21-41.1 Safety belts
39-21-41.2 Child restraint devices ‑ Evidence
39-21-41.3 Use of safety belts required in certain motor vehicles ‑ Enforcement
39-21-41.4 Use of safety belts required in certain motor vehicles ‑ Enforcement ‑ Evidence
39-21-41.5 Secondary enforcement
39-21-42 Certain vehicles to carry flares or other warning devices
39-21-43 Display of warning devices when vehicle disabled
39-21-44 Vehicle transporting explosives or hazardous materials ‑ Administrative procedure and judicial review
39-21-44.1 Vehicle to be constructed to prevent sifting or leaking loads
39-21-44.2 Drawbar or connection between vehicles ‑ Precautions required
39-21-45 Air‑conditioning equipment
39-21-45.1 Modification of motor vehicle
39-21-46 Scope and effect of equipment requirements ‑ Penalty
39-21-47 Distress signals for handicapped drivers ‑ Penalty for misuse
39-21-48 Crash helmets required for operators of and passengers on motorcycles
39-21-49 Number of riders on motorcycles limited
39-21-50 Slow‑moving vehicles required to display identification emblem ‑ Penalty
39-21-51 Alteration of odometers or other mileage recorders, hour meters on tachometers, or other hour recorders ‑ Penalty
39-21-52 Exemption for certain street rod motor vehicles
39-21-53 Retractable axle control requirements
39-21-54 Requirement for steerable, castering, or pivoting axles
39-21-55 Exemption from rear‑end protection requirements
39-21-56 Definitions ‑ Prohibition on counterfeit and nonfunctional airbag ‑ Penalty