North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-22.3

Motor-Powered Recreational Vehicle Dealers

Section Section Name
39-22.3-01 Motor‑powered recreational vehicle dealer's license ‑ Fees ‑ Additional number plates
39-22.3-02 Application required
39-22.3-03 Issuance of license ‑ Conditions ‑ Penalty
39-22.3-04 Grounds for denial, suspension, cancellation, or revocation of dealer's license
39-22.3-05 Bond required
39-22.3-06 Disposition of fees
39-22.3-07 Dealer permitting license to be used by another dealer ‑ License revoked ‑ Penalty
39-22.3-08 Dealers to furnish information to director
39-22.3-09 Powers of the director
39-22.3-10 Examination of books and records
39-22.3-11 Officers to administer the provisions of chapter
39-22.3-12 Penalty for violation of provisions of chapter