North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 39-31

Common Household Goods Carriers

Section Section Name
39-31-01 Common household goods carrier defined
39-31-02 Application of chapter to intrastate commerce
39-31-03 Carriers must operate in accordance with law and rules
39-31-04 Regulation of common household goods carriers by the department
39-31-05 Household goods carriers ‑ Transportation of commodities
39-31-06 Household goods carrier ‑ Household goods carrier permit application
39-31-07 Notice of opportunity for comment on application
39-31-08 Factors to be considered by department in granting certificate
39-31-09 Testimony ‑ Issuance of certificate of permit ‑ Conditions
39-31-10 Reasonable rates to be made by household goods carriers
39-31-11 Permits duration ‑ Transfer
39-31-12 Fees ‑ Household goods carrier
39-31-13 Regulations furnished to holder of permit
39-31-14 Insurance required of carrier ‑ Liability of insurer
39-31-15 Deposit of fees
39-31-16 Enforcement of chapter
39-31-17 Penalty