North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-01

General Provisions

Section Section Name
40-01-01 Definitions
40-01-02 Municipalities are bodies corporate
40-01-03 Judicial notice of existence and change of organization to be taken by courts
40-01-04 Vested rights
40-01-05 Ordinances and resolutions remain in force ‑ Legal identity not changed
40-01-06 Bonds, contracts, and conveyances ‑ How signed and countersigned
40-01-07 Property exempt from taxation and sale on execution
40-01-08 Removal of building when taxes and special assessments or share of bonded indebtedness are due ‑ Lien ‑ Penalty
40-01-09 Official newspaper of municipality
40-01-09.1 Publication of city government proceedings ‑ Electorate to decide
40-01-10 Certificate of publication filed in auditor's office ‑ Conclusive evidence ‑ When bill for publication audited
40-01-11 Publication by a city or park district in which no official newspaper is published
40-01-12 Claims and accounts against municipalities audited
40-01-13 Payment of accounts by municipality
40-01-14 Office of municipality located in more than one county ‑ Form of official proceeding ‑ Seal
40-01-15 Assessors where municipality is in more than one county ‑ Powers and duties of assessors
40-01-16 Duty of auditor relating to assessments in municipality located in more than one county
40-01-17 County treasurers' duties relating to municipality located in more than one county
40-01-18 Other provisions applicable to municipalities situated in more than one county
40-01-19 Provisions of title shall apply to all cities
40-01-20 Daylight saving time prohibited
40-01-21 Removal of city advisory or policy decisionmaking members
40-01-22 Antitrust immunity of cities and city governing bodies
40-01-23 Authorization to organize and participate in an organization of city governments
40-01-24 Firefighters may solicit charitable contributions from motorists
40-01-25 Prohibition ‑ Connection of utility services