North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-02

Incorporation of Municipalities in Unorganized Territory

Section Section Name
40-02-01 Requisites for incorporation as city
40-02-02 Census required
40-02-03 Survey required
40-02-04 Survey, map, and census subject to examination ‑ Notice
40-02-05 Petition for incorporation ‑ Contents ‑ Census and survey to accompany ‑ Hearing ‑ Notice
40-02-06 Board of county commissioners to consider petition
40-02-06.1 Appeal of board of county commissioners' action ‑ Scope of review
40-02-07 Notice of election
40-02-08 Polling hours at election on question of incorporation
40-02-09 Form of ballot
40-02-10 Election returns ‑ To whom made ‑ Duty of board of county commissioners
40-02-11 Division into wards
40-02-12 Order of incorporation ‑ Recording ‑ Filing ‑ As evidence
40-02-13 Procedure in the case of incorporation of city under the commission system of government
40-02-14 Board of county commissioners to establish election precincts
40-02-15 Division of property and indebtedness between municipality and township
40-02-16 Arbitration of differences between township and newly organized municipality upon division of property and indebtedness