North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-05.1

Home Rule in Cities

Section Section Name
40-05.1-00.1 Definitions
40-05.1-01 Enabling clause
40-05.1-02 Methods of proposing home rule charter
40-05.1-03 Charter commission ‑ Membership ‑ Preparation and submission of charter ‑ Compensation and expenses ‑ Publication or distribution
40-05.1-04 Submission of charter to electors
40-05.1-05 Ratification by majority vote ‑ Supersession of existing charter and state laws in conflict therewith ‑ Filing of copies of new charter
40-05.1-05.1 Multicity home rule
40-05.1-06 Powers
40-05.1-06.1 Sales tax revenue transfer to school districts prohibited
40-05.1-07 Amendment or repeal
40-05.1-08 Commission ‑ Terms of office ‑ Vacancies
40-05.1-09 Restriction on proposals to amend or repeal
40-05.1-10 Manner of calling and holding elections
40-05.1-11 Effect of amendment or repeal on salary or term of office
40-05.1-12 Former powers preserved
40-05.1-13 Vested property ‑ Claims for relief ‑ Actions saved