North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-05

Powers of Municipalities

Section Section Name
40-05-01 Powers of all municipalities
40-05-01.1 Assessment of costs of work done necessary for the general welfare
40-05-01.2 Remedies additional and not restrictive
40-05-01.3 City traffic ordinances to apply to streets within mobile home parks
40-05-02 Additional powers of city council and board of city commissioners
40-05-02.1 Parking privileges for handicapped
40-05-02.2 City may levy excise tax on nonprofit liquor dealers by ordinance
40-05-03 Cities having population of fifteen thousand may provide for regulation and inspection of food markets
40-05-04 Powers of village
40-05-05 Cities may contract for electrical energy or gas
40-05-06 City fines and penalties limited
40-05-07 Village fines and penalties limited ‑ Remission
40-05-08 Municipal licenses for sale of agricultural products limited ‑ Exception
40-05-09 Purchase of firefighting equipment ‑ How paid ‑ Limitations
40-05-09.1 Tax levy for fire department stations
40-05-09.2 Contracting for fire protection service
40-05-10 Municipalities to have powers of townships
40-05-11 Foreign city ‑ Power to acquire by right of eminent domain, purchase, lease, own, and hold real estate in this state ‑ Liability
40-05-12 Foreign city ‑ Power to sue and defend in courts of this state
40-05-13 Foreign city ‑ Power to convey realty ‑ Regulations governing
40-05-14 Agreements for construction and maintenance of streets between municipalities and counties
40-05-15 Unclaimed motor vehicles ‑ When sale permitted ‑ Bill of sale evidence of title
40-05-16 Programs and activities for senior citizens ‑ Expenditure of funds
40-05-17 City restriction of adult establishments ‑ Definitions
40-05-18 Garbage removal ‑ Number of contractors allowed
40-05-19 City funding for animal shelters ‑ Sterilization of animals
40-05-20 Programs and activities for handicapped persons ‑ Expenditure of funds
40-05-21 Centennial coordinating committee
40-05-22 Golf carts on city streets
40-05-23 Limitation on authority ‑ Seed
40-05-24 Duties of cities granting property tax incentives
40-05-25 Cooperative purchasing ‑ Authorized
40-05-26 Development by a foreign adversary ‑ Prohibition (Expired effective July 31, 2025)