North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-08

Governing Body and Executive Officer in Council Cities

Section Section Name
40-08-01 City council ‑ Who constitutes
40-08-02 Governing body is judge of election and qualifications of members
40-08-03 Number of council members
40-08-03.1 Change to ten council members and mayor ‑ Petition required
40-08-03.2 City auditor to pass on sufficiency of petition requesting change to ten council members and mayor
40-08-04 Election of council members
40-08-04.1 Procedure when petition to change to ten council members and mayor is filed ‑ Special election ‑ Ballot
40-08-04.2 Election at large of council members from wards ‑ Option
40-08-05 Qualifications of council members
40-08-06 Term of office of council members ‑ Staggered terms provided for in cities where other than ten council members elected
40-08-06.1 Terms of office under ten council members ‑ Staggered terms provided for ‑ Nominating petition requirements
40-08-07 Compensation of council members
40-08-08 Vacancies on council ‑ How filled
40-08-09 Restrictions on members of council
40-08-10 Meetings of council ‑ Regular, special, and for organization
40-08-11 When president and vice president of council elected
40-08-12 Publication of proceedings
40-08-13 Presiding officer of council in absence or disability of mayor ‑ President of council
40-08-14 Mayor ‑ Qualifications ‑ Term
40-08-15 Compensation of mayor
40-08-16 Vacancy in office of mayor ‑ Filled by election or by council ‑ President of council to be acting mayor
40-08-17 Absence or disability of mayor ‑ Acting mayor
40-08-18 Mayor to preside at council meetings ‑ Voting power of mayor
40-08-19 Mayor may remove appointive officers ‑ Reasons for removal to be given
40-08-20 Mayor may suppress disorder and keep peace
40-08-21 Release of prisoners by mayor ‑ Report to council
40-08-22 Mayor to perform duties prescribed by law ‑ Enforce laws and ordinances
40-08-23 Inspection of books, records, and papers of city by mayor
40-08-24 Ordinance or resolution signed or vetoed by mayor
40-08-25 Messages to council
40-08-26 Mayor may call on residents to aid in enforcing ordinances
40-08-27 Police chief and police officers appointed by mayor
40-08-28 Mayor may administer oaths