North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-09

Governing Body and Executive Officer in Commission Cities

Section Section Name
40-09-01 Board of city commissioners ‑ Composition
40-09-02 Governing body is judge of election and qualifications of members
40-09-03 Regulations governing election of commissioners
40-09-04 Commissioners ‑ Terms ‑ Resignations
40-09-05 President and board of commissioners succeed to powers and duties of mayor and council
40-09-06 Style of board ‑ Oath and salary of commissioners
40-09-07 Bond and oath of commissioner
40-09-08 President of board as executive officer ‑ Duties ‑ No veto power
40-09-09 Vice president and acting president of board ‑ Powers to act
40-09-10 Filling vacancies in board
40-09-11 Meetings of board ‑ Regular and special ‑ Action on departmental matters
40-09-12 Departments of administration of city divided among commissioners ‑ Duties
40-09-13 Accounts ‑ Audited by respective commissioners ‑ Approved by board
40-09-14 Rules and regulations governing departments and agencies of city made by board
40-09-15 Special police ‑ President of board may call ‑ Powers
40-09-16 Board may summon and compel attendance of witnesses and books ‑ Punish for contempt ‑ Process
40-09-17 Restrictions on members of board