North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-11


Section Section Name
40-11-01 Enacting clause for ordinances
40-11-02 Procedure in passing ordinances
40-11-03 Yea and nay vote on passage ‑ When required
40-11-04 Ordinance required for the transfer of property
40-11-04.1 Real property transfer requirements
40-11-04.2 Transfer of real property by nonexclusive listing agreements
40-11-05 Ordinances and resolutions adopted in council cities ‑ Mayor's veto power ‑ Reconsideration after veto
40-11-06 Publication of ordinances
40-11-07 Effective date of ordinances
40-11-08 Ordinance book required ‑ Ordinance book and certified copies of ordinances as evidence
40-11-09 Enactment and revision of ordinances
40-11-09.1 Presumption of regular adoption, enactment, or amendment of resolution or ordinance
40-11-10 Action for violation of ordinance in corporate name ‑ Previous prosecution, recovery, or acquittal no defense
40-11-11 Summons to issue on violation of ordinance ‑ When warrant of arrest to issue
40-11-12 Commitment of guilty person for nonpayment of fines or costs
40-11-13 Fines and forfeitures for violation of ordinances paid into treasury