North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-12

Initiative and Referendum

Section Section Name
40-12-01 Initiative and referendum apply only in commission and modern council cities
40-12-02 Submission of proposed ordinance by petition ‑ Filed with city auditor ‑ Request in petition
40-12-03 Requirements of petitions for initiative and referendum
40-12-04 Signatures to petition ‑ Requirements ‑ Oath ‑ Withdrawal
40-12-05 City auditor to determine sufficiency of initiative petition ‑ Certificate attached to petition
40-12-06 Duty of governing body after receiving petition for proposed ordinance
40-12-07 Adoption of proposed ordinance ‑ Effect ‑ Repeal or amendment of initiated ordinance
40-12-08 Petition to refer ordinance ‑ Suspension of ordinance ‑ Requirements of petition
40-12-09 Referred measure ‑ Submission ‑ Result of election
40-12-10 No limitation on number of ordinances that may be voted on at one election ‑ Limitation on special elections
40-12-11 Publication of proposed or referred ordinance or proposition before election
40-12-12 Form of ballots to be used in voting on initiated or referred ordinance
40-12-13 Propositions submitted for repeal or amendment to initiated or referred ordinance ‑ Election ‑ Vote required