North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-13

General Provisions Governing Officers in Municipalities

Section Section Name
40-13-01 Qualifications of elective and appointive officers
40-13-02 Bonds of city officials ‑ Requirements ‑ Approvals ‑ Additional bonds
40-13-03 Oaths of municipal officers
40-13-04 Salaries of officers and employees fixed by ordinance ‑ Diminution of officers' salaries during term prohibited
40-13-05 Officers not to be interested in contracts or work of municipality ‑ Exception
40-13-05.1 Municipal officers ‑ Contracts ‑ Disclosure required ‑ Penalty
40-13-06 Penalty for illegal interest in contract of municipality ‑ Contract void
40-13-07 Office deemed vacant on removal from municipality or failure to qualify
40-13-08 Vacancy existing in appointive office ‑ How filled
40-13-09 Vacancies to be filled for unexpired term
40-13-10 Delivery of property, books, and other effects to successor in office
40-13-11 Additional duties, powers, and privileges of officers may be defined by ordinance
40-13-12 Municipal officers liable to criminal prosecution ‑ Fine ‑ Removal from office
40-13-13 Nepotism by city officials restricted