North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-18

Municipal Judges

Section Section Name
40-18-01 Jurisdiction and qualifications of municipal judge
40-18-02 City justice of the peace ‑ Jurisdiction and procedure
40-18-03 Vacancy in office of municipal judge ‑ Temporary absence of municipal judge
40-18-04 Office hours of municipal judge
40-18-05 Municipal judge is conservator of the peace
40-18-06 Salary of municipal judge ‑ Payment of funds to treasury
40-18-06.1 Municipal court clerk ‑ Appointment ‑ Salary ‑ Authority
40-18-06.2 Transfer of municipal ordinance cases to district court ‑ Abolition of office of municipal judge
40-18-07 Warrants of arrest issued by municipal judge ‑ Service of warrant
40-18-08 Warrants issued by municipal judge to run to whom
40-18-09 Subpoena of witnesses ‑ Continuance of trial ‑ Verbal notice to witnesses to attend
40-18-10 Trials for misdemeanors before municipal judge governed by justice court procedure
40-18-11 How proceedings in criminal cases not provided for in this chapter to be governed
40-18-12 Commitment for violation of city ordinance ‑ Limitation ‑ Labor in lieu of fine ‑ Diagnosis and treatment of persons convicted while driving under the influence
40-18-13 Sentencing alternatives ‑ Suspension of sentence or imposition of sentence
40-18-14 Municipal judge may enforce orders and judgments and punish for contempt
40-18-14.1 Judgment for fine or costs
40-18-14.2 Notice of filing
40-18-14.3 Stay
40-18-14.4 Fees
40-18-14.5 Effect of filing
40-18-15 Trials in nonjury cases arising under the ordinances of a city
40-18-15.1 Transfer to district court ‑ Expenses of prosecution ‑ Division of funds and expenses between city, county, and state
40-18-16 Procedure when jury demanded in court of municipal judge
40-18-17 Challenges for cause to jurors in court of municipal judge
40-18-18 Fee of juror in court of municipal judge
40-18-19 Appeals from determinations of municipal judge
40-18-20 Demand for change of judge
40-18-21 Change of venue in municipal court
40-18-21.1 Change of venue ‑ Reliable electronic means
40-18-22 Continuing education of municipal judge and alternate judge required