North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-20

City Attorney, Engineer, Chief of Police, and Police Officers

Section Section Name
40-20-01 City attorney ‑ Duties ‑ Docket
40-20-02 Assistant city attorneys ‑ Appointment ‑ Special counsel authorized
40-20-03 City engineer ‑ Qualifications ‑ Duties ‑ Compensation ‑ Plans or surveys ‑ Preservation and transfer to successor
40-20-04 When city engineer or chief of police to be street commissioner
40-20-05 Chief of police and police officers ‑ Powers and duties ‑ Hot pursuit
40-20-06 Arrest by chief of police or policeman outside of city ‑ Fees
40-20-07 Municipalities to furnish blue uniforms to police officers