North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-21

Municipal Elections

Section Section Name
40-21-01 Qualified electors in municipal election ‑ Restrictions
40-21-02 City elections ‑ When held ‑ Notice ‑ Polls ‑ Agreements with counties ‑ Judges and inspectors
40-21-03 Elections in council cities ‑ Polling places ‑ Polls open ‑ Notice ‑ Judges, clerks, and inspectors ‑ Agreements with counties
40-21-03.1 Designation of polling places for municipal elections
40-21-04 Annual election held in villages ‑ Board of trustees to be inspectors
40-21-05 Compensation of inspectors, judges, and clerks at municipal elections
40-21-06 Reference to party ballot or affiliation in petition of candidate for municipal office prohibited
40-21-07 Petition for nomination of elective official in cities ‑ Signatures required ‑ Withdrawal of petition ‑ Contents
40-21-08 Ballots in municipalities ‑ Arrangement
40-21-09 Election districts in council cities ‑ Division and consolidation by ordinance ‑ Ballots to be kept separate by wards
40-21-10 Registration of voters
40-21-11 Clerks appointed to fill vacancies ‑ Oath, powers, and duties of judges and clerks of municipal elections
40-21-12 Counting ballots ‑ Returns ‑ Canvass of returns by governing body of municipality
40-21-13 Municipal elections to be governed by rules applicable to county elections ‑ Absent voting
40-21-14 City auditor to notify of election or appointments
40-21-15 New election upon failure to elect
40-21-16 Special elections conducted in same manner as general elections
40-21-16.1 City canvassing board ‑ Composition
40-21-17 Highest number of votes elects in municipal election ‑ Procedure on tie vote