North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-22.1

Special Assessments for Promotion of Business Activity

Section Section Name
40-22.1-01 Improvements by special assessments for business promotion
40-22.1-02 Improvement districts to be created
40-22.1-03 Size and form of improvement district ‑ Regulations governing
40-22.1-04 Auditor's report required ‑ Contents
40-22.1-05 Approval of plans, specifications, and estimates
40-22.1-06 Resolution declaring improvements necessary ‑ Contents of resolution ‑ Publication of resolution
40-22.1-07 Protest against resolution of necessity ‑ Meeting to hear protest
40-22.1-08 Protest bar to proceeding ‑ Invalid or insufficient protest ‑ Payment of costs ‑ Tax levy
40-22.1-09 Execution and filing of contracts
40-22.1-10 Contracts ‑ Conditions and terms
40-22.1-11 Abbreviations, letters, and figures may be used in proceedings for levy and collection of special assessments
40-22.1-12 City auditor to keep complete record of improvements ‑ Record as evidence
40-22.1-13 Defects and irregularities in improvement proceedings are not fatal
40-22.1-14 City auditor's statement of estimated cost required ‑ Governing body to enter into contracts