North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 40-23

Assessment of Benefits

Section Section Name
40-23-01 Special assessment commission ‑ Appointment of members ‑ Terms of office
40-23-02 Commissioners ‑ Appointments subject to confirmation ‑ Qualifications ‑ Chairman ‑ Compensation
40-23-03 Removal of commissioners ‑ Filling vacancies
40-23-04 Municipal officers and employees to advise commission
40-23-05 Notice to special assessment commission
40-23-06 Assessments in improvement districts before work completed
40-23-07 Determination of special assessments by commission ‑ Political subdivisions not exempt
40-23-07.1 Validation of prior assessments
40-23-07.2 Assessment of common area in townhouse development
40-23-08 Assessments collected by suit from beneficial user of exempt property
40-23-09 Assessment list to be prepared ‑ Contents ‑ Certificate attached to assessment list
40-23-10 Notice of assessments and notice of hearing of objections
40-23-11 Alteration of assessments at hearing ‑ Limitations
40-23-12 Confirmation of assessment list after hearing ‑ Filing list
40-23-13 Publication of notice of confirmation of assessment list and meeting for action upon assessments
40-23-14 Aggrieved person may file notice of appeal
40-23-15 Governing body to hear and determine appeals and objections to assessments ‑ Altering assessments ‑ Limitations
40-23-16 Confirmation of assessment list by governing body ‑ Certifying and filing list
40-23-17 Authority to levy assessments on property not originally assessed
40-23-18 Assessments on property within the corporate limits
40-23-19 Assessments on annexed property for previous benefits
40-23-20 Equalization of original assessments
40-23-21 Use of collections of subsequent assessments
40-23-22 State property subject to special assessments
40-23-22.1 City flood control special assessment exemption for state property ‑ Limitations
40-23-23 Assessments for parking improvements
40-23-24 Audit of certain special assessment improvements
40-23-25 Future assessments on annexed property